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Appliance Sales
We offer a complete line of appliance parts for all major appliances, as well as new appliance sales and competitive bidding for your next multi-unit project. Our product line only includes the best named brands in the business and our service matches and exceeds quality standards of our equipment. We sell only Maytag, Amana, Jen-Air, Estate & Crosley brands.

On-Site Appliance Technicians
Our on-site local technicians are available to service your equipment professionally and effeciently. 

On-Call Technicians
In addition, we have expanded to include a nationwide telephone assistance service for a low rate of $10/15 min. You are welcome to contact us via the web contact form, by email sales@ennisappliance.com, or by calling our customer service lines at (830) 865-1089 or (512) 938-3315. To save time and money we recommend you fill out our form on the right, so that we can have data for your product ready and available upon contact, rather than using up your phone time. Keep in mind that all diagnosis will be made with the appliance unplugged, and you must be able to follow our directions which will include some mechanical skills, basic tools, and a way to check resistance (Ohms) with a volt meter if the issue is electrical. Due to the nature of this assistant service, we are not responsible for accidents, damage, or outcomes, but we will guide you through basic professional repairs with the utmost safety guidelines.

Satellite Services
We carry a wide range of parts for all the brands we sell and service, as well as DirectTV and HughesNet. Let us know what your needs are and we'll customize your package and equipment to best suit your needs and budget.  Our service is top of the line, so if you ever need help, let us know!

In-Wall Wiring Needs
We also provide low-voltage installation wiring needs for your home or business including (but not limited to) Coax wiring (Cable), Speaker Wire, Alarm Wiring, Audio & Video lines, ethernet and telephone wiring.  We can run these wiring systems through new construction or existing walls to place ports exactly where you need them.  We can provide ease-of-access solutions to allow ethernet access off of routers & switches, and even combine wall ports to use any combination of cable, internet, phone, audio or video.

Ever wanted your speakers off the floor and wires hidden from view?  We can do that!  How about hanging a projector and having the wires hidden in the ceiling?  We can do that!  How about hiding all your components inside a cabinet, and only having one remote that controls it all, with everything out of view?  We can do that too! How about security solutions?  We can have units wired for any type of security system, and even hook up CCTV, access panels, motion monitoring, and more!


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